Why is YouTube blocked here?

Authorities are not too happy with YouTube for a variety of reasons. In some countries access to YouTube remains open, but access to specific videos is blocked because they are inappropriate for youth. In other countries YouTube is blocked completely in order to prevent criticism of a ruler, government, religion or religious leaders. But your employer or school administrator might use technology to block YouTube as well. If so, YouTube is blocked due to bandwidth limitations, to cut down on security breaches or its potential for distraction.

You can unblock YouTube and open blocked sites now!

Unblock YouTube and other banned websites by using a web proxy. With a press of button, a proxy server manipulates your ip address so you can browse the Internet anonymously and open blocked sites such as YouTube for free! Every day, thousands of people use web proxy sites to watch their favorite videos online. Just enter the URL and hit go!

Sometimes a YouTube video is not blocked but removed and replaced with a message stating: "This video is no longer available because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service". In this case, a proxy server won't help. The video is removed by YouTube, not blocked by authorities, af the office or college.....